Schools/Activity Groups

If you and your school or activity group are planning a day out why not come and visit Shepherds Place Farm? A member of staff will be there to walk you through your day including introductions, health and safety, site tour, meet the animals, handling activities and enrichment ideas for them to do at home.

Come and learn all about the animals and even take part in general everyday running of a farm and learn how to look after the animals. Get up close to Alpaca, Pigs, Emus, Ponies, Ducks, Chickens and more. 

We can cater for any number of visitors, be it a small or large group and our prices are very competitive. We can work around any subject be it geographic areas the animals originate from to making enrichemnt for the animals the children can replicate at home to drawing, colouring and mask making. Understanding animals needs and environmental requirements in captivity (for exotics) and the importance of companionship and enrichment for all animals.

We will work with your curriculum and any badges you need should you be from the brownies etc.

Feel free to bring a packed lunch or we can provide you with a hot or cold buffet if required

Shepherds Place Farm